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Singer Britney Spears performs on ABC's "Good Morning America" in New York 11:56 pm

100 Yards From Britney Spears-  Boy, that Britney Spears just can’t keep her pretty little toosh out of the newspapers.  One minute she’s on the Mickey Mouse club list of “most likely to succeed” then it went all down hill from there.  She started doing lots of blow and washed down those prescription drugs with lots of booze.  She married that loser K Fed who ended up getting the kids and half her money.  Then there was that fashion faux pas with the head shaving and a car chase or two.  Hell, she even sued her parents over a few million dollars that came up missing from her checking account.  But, when’s it all going to end?  Probably never because now her two favorite stalkers have to stay 100 yards away from her.

A judge on Tuesday ordered Britney Spears‘ former self-styled manager Sam Lutfi to stay away from the pop star for three years, after the singer’s father accused Lutfi of trying to violate the ridiculous conservatorship Brit is forced to follow.  The judge also issued the same order to attorney Jon Eardley, who has presented himself as Spears’ lawyer.   Lutfi and Eardley, whose attorneys argued that the order was unwarranted, were told to “stay at least 100 yards away from Spears, her family and her homes or they would be delt with in a less than pleasant manner”  (;_ylt=Asb.UAuLvzJ8o86kdr3g4qlxFb8C).

A court placed Brit under a conservatorship last year, after she was hospitalized for going on a binge and losing her goddman mind.  Her goofy father, Jamie Spears, says his control over her affairs enabled Brit to launch her ongoing “Circus” tour, but that’s a totally different story because she sued him for that one.  An attorney for Papa Spears argued that Lutfi and Eardley continually stalked the 27-year-old singer to no friggin end, and that Eardley filed legal motions on her behalf even though he did not officially represent her.  Well who did he officially represent?  Himself and his other stalking buddy?  Sounds like another episode of “100 Yards from Britney Spears.”  Next week’s show features a breaking and entering charge after K Fed kicked in the door because Brit wouldn’t open it.  Stay tuned.


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