The Daily Habit: Weird News

 10:19 pm

Moms Bought Me a Sweet New Nintendo DS but All I got was a Box of Rocks-  Oh, the joys of a lad’s 13th birthday.  It’s that magic day they’ve been waiting for since first grade.  It’s been the conversation at the lunch table for the past 6 years, and now the big day is here.  Finally, yes, finally, there’s hair on the nads, no more parental locks on internet porn, and, best of all, that much anticipated $150 WalMart gift certificate from grammy and grampy came in the mail.  This year there’s no looking around at any of the junk in the kiddie isle; it’s right off to the electronics counter for a new portable Nintendo DS and then home to play with it all night.  Sorry.  Not this year.  This poor kid just got screwed by the coporate pirates with the annoying smiley face logo.

Jodi Wykle knew her son would be thrilled when she gave him a new Nintendo DS for his birthday.  Instead, he was rocked by a dirty rotten s.o.b.  The confused teen opened up his gift only to find bunch of crummy stones rolled up Chinese newspaper.  Later that day they returned it to the Wal-Mart where she bought it and complained, but store employees said it wasn’t their problem and told her to contact Nintendo over in Japan instead.  Of course, Nintendo told her roughly the same thing, in Japanese. “They don’t want to do nothing about this no how. They want me to keep the goddman box of rocks.  I’m not buying a box of rocks for no goddamn $138.  If want some rocks I can go out in the goddamn back yard and get them for free” (

After the story made headlines, WalMart retreated on their word and offered the boy a ful refund plus another $20 hush money.  It’s not the first time Wal-Mart had the nerve to sell a box full of junk though. Earlier this month, a PSP system bought at a different Wal-Mart store in Florida was found with a Sony memory stick filled with pornographic images and the parents who bought it for their kid were pissed too.  Well, a sweet memory stick with lots of free porn is proper for a 13 year old kid, but that box of rocks just plain sucks.  If it happens again, march right back to that store, grab the lazy clerk in electronics by his chain wallet and tell him to cough up the refund pronto.  If he balks on the order kick him in the junk and just take the money.  Like the lady said, nobody’s paying $138 for a box of rocks when you can go out in the parking lot of any WalMart and take them for free.


~ by the115 on 04/28/2009.

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