The DailhHabit: Hip Hop

FILE - In this Jan. 19, 2009 file photo, Snoop Dogg  is shown in Las Vegas, Nev. 10:50 pm

I got Stupid with Snoop and Now I’m Tryin to Get Paid- “Man, there’s always a bitch-ass punk out there trying to get paid for acting stupid.”  This has to be on the mind of every rapper and hip hop actor in Hollywood.  Ballers like Fifty, Dre, Baby, Lil Wayne and the rest of the crew get stalked every minute of the day and there’s no hiding from it, but there is that payback ass whipping at the end of the day.  An overly aggressive manfan gets too close to Jigga and a security guard with a bald head and no neck knocks him out.  When that friendly photographer takes too many pics of the Game he’s stuffed in the trunk and found duct taped and gagged in a Compton parking lot.  But, once in a while you get one of the hard-headed people who don’t get the hint after the beat down, then it’s off to court where he tries to get paid.

A man suing legendar hip hop mogul Snoop Dogg for millions told a jury Friday that the excitement of man-crushing one of his idols quickly got a reality check during a 2005 concert when he got his ass whipped on stage in front of the whole concert crowd.  Richard Monroe Jr. claims Snoop hit him a whole bunch of times with a brass-knuckle microphone after he jumped onstage and got too handy with the rapper.   Snoop, most certainly under the effects of chronic, sat and laughed when Monroe described waking up naked and broke as a joke after the beatdown by the rapper’s crew of pipe hitters.  A videotape of the incident that occurred at the White River Amphitheater near Seattle was also shown to jurors Friday, but that’s highly suspect evidence.

Snoopie’s dream team of attorneys said the video doesn’t show the blow to the back of the head that Monroe claims the rapper delivered, nor evidence that the rapper should be forced to pay for the ass whipping that was brought on rightfully.  They told jurors during the trial’s opening moments Friday that Snoop’s security guards had mere seconds to react when Monroe — who’s 6-feet-3 inches tall and weighs nearly 300 pounds — came on stage unexpectedly and started getting weird with Snoop. “Mr. Broadus thought he was being attacked by a large homosexual man” said attorney Hayes Michel.  “He got too familiar so he had to be put in check the hard way.  You just can’t be jumping up on a stage during a set and trying to get all up in Snoop’s face and not expect to get your ass wipped” (;_ylt=ArPbDyt2jAsnXWBlAeAbaI9xFb8C).

Michel said Monroe’s descriptions were exaggerated and that Monroe’s story about the incident has repeatedly changed, as well as his description of his injuries to various doctors.  Sure they have.  Monroe thinks he can pull a fast one and get paid just because he got his ass whipped by a famous rapper.  This fool must not be from the streets or he’d know that the first beat down was nothing compared to the one he’s going to get after they’re done in court.  Snoop’s first body guard took out another fan with an unlicensed pistol and he got off with a baby fine and 6 months of house arrest.  Pay back’s a bitch homey.  You better check yourself before you wreck yourself cause the West Side Connection is coming for ya.


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