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U2's The Edge: Malibu's Least Wanted 9:34 pm

I am the Edge and I will Build 5 Mansions in Malibu- When you’re a total loser with no life, job or friends, the lifestyles of the rich infamous sure seem awesome and damn it those people get to do whatever they hell they want.   If you’re a mega-star like Angelina Jolie you can go off to a foreign country and adopt a class full of kindergartners and the goverment can’t do a friggin thing about it.  Then there are stoners with lots of pull llike Matthew Mcconaughey who can get busted getting high and playing bongos really loud at 4 in the morning and nothing happens.  But, the Edge, U2’s silent guitar God, one-upped all of Malibu when he decided to he was going to ruin the environment for the hell of it.

The U2 guitarist’s plans to build five mansions overlooking Malibu fantastic oceanside views is facing fierce opposition from some famous resident who ware concerned the homes will be an environmental catastrophe.  Allegedly, the proposed project would be built above homes belonging to the likes of that goofy bastard Dick Van Dyke, cokehead Kelsey Grammer and James Cameron, whoever he is,  and would require some extensive earth moving, including the extension of a road down a rugged ass hill, and installing a shitload of water lines. “The downside of this is a permanently scarred mountainside for the benefit of a very few that for many years all will view,” Jefferson Wagner, a Malibu councilman, told the newspaper. “For somebody so revered even to be puppeteering this type of development in such a sensitive area is hypocritical.  U2 is supposed to be an Earth-friendly band but it seems like the Edge is an asshole when it comes to being bribed.  Why doesn’t he just take the hush money and beat it?” (;_ylt=AtyOZNC_giTgwo2UPh0m91FxFb8C).

Despite the whining from the nobobies and already forgottens, Edge does have certificates of compliance” from Los Angeles County establishing that the land he owns meets all legal requirements and those miserable crybabies can’t do anything about it.   However, this isn’t the first time he pissed of the neighbors.  He and the rest of tools in U2 came under fire in their hometown of Dublin for plans to build what was to be U2 Tower, a proposed skyscraper in the heart of the city that would have made Buckhinham palace look cheap and outdated.  Preservationists claimed the $220 million project would have resulted in the tearing down of four adjacent historic buildings which were falling apart anyway, so what’s the big dea?  What’s so good about a few acres of pristine wilderness and couple of old-ass buildings that nobody really uses?  If a self-indulging weirdo who is still playing musician in an Irish garage band won’t destroy that stuff, somebody else will. That’s what rock-stars with huge egos and an endless supply of money do for just for fun so get used to it. 


~ by the115 on 04/19/2009.

2 Responses to “The Daily Habit: Music”

  1. U cant even take a dagumm nice healthy dump w/o pissing someone off or creating an ‘anti-whatever’ movement against yr bowel-movement:^)
    heard on BBC this morn that our very own alaskan Caribou Barbie is getting her hate-group on against Sebelius’ nomination.WTF.

    • Palin is a hottie though. Dumb as a box of pet rocks but definitely milf action all the way.

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