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Nate Dogg Charged With Stalking 8:01 pm

Late Night Stalking with Nate Dogg-  Boy, what’s next in the game of hip hop?  These practitioners of thuggish ruggish living  are always trying to one-up each other.  Hovah buys a Benzo, Jeezy buys two.  Fifty builds a movie theater in his basement and Kanyeezy buys a chain of movie theaters in the ghetto.  Pac comes back from the dead to record another joint and everybody’s waiting to hear from Biggie.  It just keeps on going and going, and it’s no different than what happened to this rapper, only he usually sings back-up.

Los Angeles prosecutors have slapped Nate with felony stalking charges after his arrest last month for threatening his soon to be ex-wife.  The 38-year-old whose real name is Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, was nbbed on June 23 after the police allegedly received  a 911 call from the woman, claiming he threatened her life and was chasing her at high speed on Interstate 405.  A chase went down, Nate got caught up, he bot busted, and violated his probation from previous charges of strong arming.   According to police documents, “Nate Dogg made credible threat with the intent that she be placed in reasonable fear for her safety and the safety of her immediate family if her man didn’t break camp in a minute,” the complaint reads (;_ylt=ApxWx9NqJXo9pmnPimKPx3VxFb8C).

Dogg, who’s best known for his guest appearances on hit albums by the likes of 50 Cent, Warrenn G,  Eminem and his cousin Snoop Dogg, has had run-ins with the man before. He was sentenced to probation in March for attacking an ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend two years ago, and once again a year ago for attacking a different man who was messing with his aforementioned wife, but obviously the guy didn’t get the hint if he’s still hanging around.  When a well-known gangster from Compton, known to be associated with other gang bangers like his cousin Snoop Dogg, tells you to get steppin, you better step quicky homey.  With 12 in the clip and one in the hole it’s regulate or be regulated.  West side till you die playa.


~ by the115 on 04/18/2009.

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