The Daily Habit: Technology

 9:17 pm

Mowing With the Wii- Despite the spiraling economy, there will always be people out there, namely parents of teenage brats, who will shell out big bucks to keep their kids quiet.  Some blow a few hundred quid on the Play Station 3, then watch in horror as their basement suddenly turn into a breeding ground for unprotected sex and experimentation with pot.  Others throw out plenty of greenbacks for the X-Box, just to keep their creepy kid from dying his hair pink and wearing those tight ass spandex jeans from the 80s.  But the smart parents are way ahead on this one.  They’re buying a really cool gaming console, but they’re getting something in return, and it ain’t good grades or clean fingernails.

Thanks to the braniac tinkerers at the University of Southern Denmark and a group of other Scandinavian engineers, the future of cutting grass, and the world of remote control and equipment on wheels, looks more like a video game than anything else, thanks to the clever combination of a Nintendo Wii control system with an industrial grass muncher.  The result of the clever experiment is CASMOBAT, part of the Plant Nursing Robotics program in Denmark which was a short-term program to transfer technology applications from Danish research labs to the industrial world (

Using the Nintendo Wiimote as a control device started out as a totaly gay idea introduced as an alternative to complex and unintuitive industrial remote controllers, but the idea stuck around like a weed hound who just  won’t leave. With the Wii-enabled Casmobot you can basically sit around on your fass ass all day and command the lawn mover with the Wii joy stick.   If you aren’t tech savvy or you’re just too dumb to figure out how to press a few buttons you can always just get junior out of bed before noon and have his lazy ass do it for you.   He’s a loser with no life just like you, so now you two can bond over a game of Madden and a case of cheap beer.  Nothing like living vicariously through a video game, with your kid in tow.  Wiiiiiii.  


~ by the115 on 04/15/2009.

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