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Celebrity Screw-Ups: 3 Strikes for Redmond O’Neal and He’s Bummed Out-  Boy, you’d think that a drugged-up kid with two wacked out parents and a history of screw-ups would learn his lesson the first two times he was given a break for being stupid.  On one occasion he was let off with a stint in rehab and having to send some half-assed “I’m sorry” notes due to a small drug problem that got way out of hand.  The second time he was sentenced to another season of rehab after getting nabbed with enough smack and crank to kill TWO elephants.  Well, this son of Hollywood sure didn’t learn his lesson cause for Redmond O’Neal it’s three stikes, and he’s probably going to be bummed “out” when he gets sentenced to a few years in prison for a repeat offense.

O’Neal appeared in court Friday and admitted he had violated the terms of his probation for a previous drug conviction, court records show.  He has been jailed since Sunday when he was arrested at a jail north of Los Angeles on suspicion of carrying heroin.  O’Neal had been sentenced to rehab after pleading guilty to methamphetamine and heroin possession charges in June.   Less than three months later, he was arrested, again, along with his father, on suspicion of having methamphetamine and hookers at daddy’s Malibu spread” (;_ylt=AmTvk8x_BiojDg1mf7CahDZxFb8C).

If convicted, O’Neal faces up to three years in state prison for the violation, and still has a pair of pending drug cases that could add more time to his bid.  Well then, he better start thinking of something really fast or he’s going to be doing a nickel in a 6×8 cell, and prison is a hard place to kick the habit.  The real question is how stupid this kid is.  How can you bet busted with chrystal meth, three months later get busted, again, for possession of heroin with your dad along for the ride, then get caught in the parking  lot of the jail bringing heroin to your friend WHO’S IN THE JAIL, not even three months later?  Ask Redmond.  He’ll tell you how to do it, only don’t listen, or he’ll get you busted too.


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