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 Have You ever heard of D&H Auto Parts on 544 S State Route 59  Naperville, IL 60540-0915?- If so, don‘t buy anything from them via Ebay, telephone, nowhere.  This company shipped a damaged hood to a body shop, in a box with no visible signs of damage WHATSOEVER, then said it was damaged during shipping  and refused to do an exchange or refund simply because the hood sat in the body shop for more than 30 days. What body shop does work in shifts, without having all of the parts to do a major repair, and what body shop opens up a package upon delivery if the box doesn’t look damaged? Due to an error on their part with the shipping address, as in they sent the hood to a HOME address instead of the body shop, the salesperson, TYLER, was told that the hood would be sitting for several weeks while other parts for the car were found.  The salesperson TYLER did not mention that returns would not be granted after 2 days, partial refunds after 14 days, and no refunds would be given after 30 days.  When the call was made to customer service a rep/saleman AUSTIN, who could care less, passed the buck.  The buck was passed several times before this email was sent.  Mind you, $270 for a used hood, not new as advertised, that was damaged beyond repair or use.  No visible damage to the shipping box which means D&H Auto Parts sent a used, damage hood, one that was advertised as new, and now they are screwing the buyer. Here is the copy of the email.  How about sending these guys a few thousand emails to ask why they hell they ripped off a hard-working American worker who bought a product from an American mom-n-pop comany?

 Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 3:50 PM

Subject: RE: damaged hood ebay #380100246290

Our records show that this part was shipped and delivered over 34 days ago.  As stated in our listing we do require that our customers let us know of any problems within 2 business days, and at minimum 2 weeks as the options become more limited as time passes.  Once over 21 days, it becomes impossible for us to even open a claim with FedEx.  We pay a good amount to insure these packages to protect you the customer and us the supplier.  However, there is a time limit. Otherwise, FedEx becomes concerned that the items in the packages would have been tampered with or damaged after the product was delivered and they become more hesitant to take responsibility for the damaged item.

 Unfortunately there is not much we can do at this point.  We can try to offer a discount on a replacement if that might work for you.  This discount isn’t very much because normally we can just open a claim with the shipping company and be fully compensated for the shipment of a replacement part.  We can offer you a $30 discount on a replacement.  I apologize about the limited options.

 Thank you for you patience.

Kory Dopp

Rip Off Claims Department Manager


claims department

Austin Smith

rip off Vice President



~ by the115 on 03/11/2009.

8 Responses to “The Daily Habit: Consumer News”

  1. I literally just got off the phone with them. Ordered a fender a week ago and they called this morning to let me know they don’t even have the part and I would be getting a full refund. HOW CAN YOU SELL A PART YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE?! I called last week and they said I would be able to have it by the end of this week. I also noticed they have an eBay listing with this exact part. Once again, how can you sell a part without having it in stock. Do they just hope they somehow get these parts in before selling them? Not happy.

    Oh, and they called yesterday morning saying they didn’t have the “Ford F-250” part I had ordered. My car is a Lexus. They probably do this sort of thing all the time and accidentally named off the wrong part.

    • Ha, ha, ha. I got them good. I got my money back and they ended up taking a loss on the cost of the hood and shipping. Screw those idtiots. They’re lucky the pipehitters union didn’t pay a visit.

  2. fuck d&h all they care about is getting your money. ten minutes after you hang up the phone its nothing but bullshit!!!

  3. Hey, Thanks for the info on D&H auto parts………I am shopping for for a jeep fender and found them to have the cheapest price on the net with shipping included. I filled out the order form and was just about to input my credit card info and thought I should do a blog search on the company first. Need I say More……”NO SALE”

  4. Good to know that those jackals won’t be taking advantage of yet another honest american. Boycott the schmucks at D&H Auto Parts.

  5. Just read this….. thanks for posting…. I won’t be buying from D&H.

  6. Oh boy I wished that I had found this before trying to deal with D & H Autoparts. They are real rip off artists. They first off sent an incorrect part. It took me weeks not days to receive the correct part. They really made it seem like I was the one at fault. Then less than 2 months later the radiator began splitting at the seams. The only way that I can get my money back is to purchase another substandard part from them and send the damaged one in the original box for a prorated refund. My complaints have fallen on deaf ears. Mr. Austin Smith. What shady characters these people are. There is nobody to answer any questions. Believe me when they tell you something is a rarity it is far from the truth.

    • Total idiots at that place. I’ve had so many people comment on how stupid they were. I’m glad you didn’t buy from them.

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